Flying Stone can be regarded as a synonym to the ancient structural element of the flying buttress. It is also the name of this practice, which was established in 2003 and specializes in new build, refurbishments and extensions of residential and commercial spaces, as well as in listed and historic buildings, both in the UK and abroad.



I am a Chartered Civil & Structural Engineer with sound experience designing in all core materials, accrued over diverse projects in conception and use and constructing various projects, from single dwellings to 5-star hotels and with a broad understanding of architecture and how it all works.


Flying Stone Design is my project for fulfilling the vision I have for structures and the built environment.

My approach and the philosophy of the practice is a focus on the craftmanship and the blending of the hidden qualities of materials in all aspects of design and construction, combining single forms that incorporate how the built environment must be read in relation to human scale and nature.


I want to shape the fabric of our living and working space, breaking the uniformity rules while keeping the traditional spirit and principles and highlighting the individuality, elements which are crucial in the fast-changing reality of today.


The range of commissions in the UK comprises of new residential villas and houses, commercial spaces, minor and major extensions, as well as refurbishments in Grade II listed and historic buildings in London and the surrounding areas.


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