A renowned Athenian publishing group desired to refurbish the newly-bought industrial building into a fully operational warehouse for the company's books.


I constructed the proposed alterations for this huge building of 3.000 sq.m. of footprint with due diligence and attention to the quality of the finished product.


The restoration works included the decommissioning of the old asbestos roof and the replacement of new polyurethane panels, the stripping of the old sea-corroded plaster and the application of resistant to salt new plaster, repairing of the exposed rusted rebar in the load-bearing RC structure, the replacing of the old, iron-framed windows with new aluminium , the application of a new fibre-reinforced industrial concrete floor, the installation of a new Fire Department pumping station, the reconstruction of the septic tank and of course the stripping of the old electrical installation and a new coat of striking colors.


Old industrial building restoration


Atalanti, Central Greece