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143 Brighton St., Wallasey

As soon as the Planning Permission was in place and Party Wall matters settled, a 4 month period of intensive site work begun inside a 110 years old, two-storey building with a pitched roof.


Three new flats are accommodated inside the shell of the almost derelict, mid-terraced former shop with living accommodation above, that has been refurbished to the current building standards and using high quality materials.


The existing timber floors with different levels to front and back of the building were strengthened and tied to the external walls in order to restrain the facades laterally.


A new structural steel enclosure was designed for the new vertical movement riser and a timber staircase was fitted inside.


The ex. historical steel beams that support the front facade where cleaned from rust and covered in zinc anode film to stop the corrosion.


Existing faulty brickwork was rebuilt and the facades were rendered and insulated from the inside to achieve adequate thermal properties. New aluminium doors and windows were also installed in the place of the old wooden.


The project is now complete and handed over to the client ready for renting.